Interior Design FAQs

A few common questions about Interior Design answered:


What does an Interior Designer do?

nterior Design is not to be confused with Interior Decoration. Interior Design is designing the internal structure and layout of buildings to suit the new use the client requires it for. 

Interior Decoration is putting together a colour scheme including all the materials and furnishings to complete an interior. An Interior Designer will include this aspect in the above.


How do I choose an Interior Designer?

There are many people calling themselves Interior Designers who are not qualified but may have a natural flair for putting colours and material together i.e. an interior decorator. 

A good Interior Designer will have spent 4 years at University. The course they will have studied is now called Interior Architecture, which combines the structural elements of a building with decoration. This is not to be confused with an Interior Design course which studies Interior Decoration. After University the designer will seek to join a good Interior Design Company. 

So first check the Interior Designer's qualification and secondly look at past projects they have been involved in.


Why should I use an Interior designer?

An Interior Designer will have a wealth of experience to bring to your project, which will ensure costly mistakes are avoided, problems overcome and the job runs smoothly. 

In the case of commercial work an Interior Designer will have experience in how various business are operated which can be applied to the project. They will also be up-to-date with trends and fashions and will have a wide knowledge of materials and finishes available. An interior designer will also be aware of the competition surrounding each individual commercial project and therefore produce a cutting edge scheme pushing it to the forefront of the competition.


What is the interior design process?

In a typical interior design process the Interior Designer will have a meeting with the Client to discuss the project. All aspects and requirements will be discussed and the designer will then come up with a concept package. When this is agreed the Interior Designer will then work with the Architect, Engineer and others who will form the Design Team, to translate the concept into working drawings and finally into reality.


What will be included in the Interior Design Drawings?

The drawings will include: 

  • All main structural details. The Architects drawings will form the starting point for the Interior Designer who will then transform the "shell" of the building into a concept drawing to be discussed with the Client and followed by the completed drawings. 
  • Positions of lighting and electrical including specifications. 
  • In the case of Bar & Restaurants construction details for counters, seating and other elements would be included. 
  • Details of all suppliers whose materials and services are required. 
  • Specification of all finishes and furniture including samples etc.