Our Pressure-Free Interior Design Process Explained

The great advantage of hiring an Interior Designer is the exposure you will receive to new and exciting ideas and solutions. However maybe most importantly an Interior Prefessional will help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Our Design Process is tailored to help guide you through the various design stages enabling you to feel confident with all your decisions at every stage. John Robb Interiors has a step by step program that outlines the general phases involved in most projects. However we are flexible and can operate in a style to suit your project and budget.

1) Inital Design Consultation

Our Interior Design Service would begin with an initial design meeting held at your home or commercial premises. It is completely free of charge and without obligation. We would discuss with you all your requirements, thoughts, ideas and budget. This meeting also provides an opportunity for us to view the space, lift detailed measurements and gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Should you wish to proceed with our sevices we would then follow onto the next stage.

2) Design Proposal & Fees

Based on the initial consultation we will prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of work and services to be performed. This will include an estimated fee as a guide to the cost involved in order to meet your requirements. Should this be acceptable we follow onto the next stage.

3) Concept Design

Based on prior meetings, a preliminary conceptual design scheme and plan to scale is compiled. This will show what can be acheived accurately and successfully within your space. Various interior elements are depicted through the use of photos, sketches, design journal shots and samples of finishes in order to convey to you our thoughts and ideas. A few appointments may be necessary to complete this stage depending on the size and complexity of the project.

4) Design & Specification

Once the Concept has been agreed this stage would see the design formally put together:

  • For commercial projects we would proceed to produce all necessary working drawings ie fully detailed plan, elevations & sections with a comprehensive specification of all materials, finishes and lighting. From this package of drawings a shopfitter would be able to provide you with very accurate costings to produce the scheme. We would also provide you with a quotation for any element being supplied through ourselves such as upholstery fabrics, wall coverings, floorings etc
  • For residential projects we would follow on from the initial layout plan and closely work with you to put together the perfect colour scheme fulfilling all your requirements. This will include suggestion of materials such as curtains and upholstery, wallpapers, paint colours, lighting and additional furniture pieces such as settees, chairs, tables, mirrors, rugs, cushions etc. We can also design bespoke pieces of furniture to suit your space. Once you are happy with the proposed scheme we would then provide you with a quotation to supply all elements of the interior. There is no obligation to purchase from us but we can guarantee that our prices are very competitive!

5) Implementation & Site Visits

Once items are agreed by you , purchase orders are created and placed with manufacturers on your behalf. We will follow up and track all orders ensuring lead times and deliveries run smoothly and on time. We will encourage site visits with contractors and sub-contractors to go over and clarify all design details. We will be on site regularly to monitor trades and provide problem solving solutions when necessary.