Innovative office design

No hard and fast rules apply to office design because every space and every scale are different and every company has a different set of needs. There's no one size fits all way to map out your office in order to best encourage productivity, but the general ethos is to open sight lines, allow sharing of workspace and arrange desks to break up the feeling of working in a corporate sweatshop. A smart office design opens up a free-flowing forum of ideas. By re-organising your existing work space, your current office design could be improved and efficiencies made, increasing team interaction and productivity. 


Spaces that look and work better

We believe that workplace design must deliver value to business and we therefore take the time to explore the critical issues or changes needed within your office. We believe in creating spaces that are innovative and exciting but above all spaces that work.

Our aim is to create an interior that not only looks better, but works better, that inspires and motivates staff, impresses potential clients and overall makes business work better.


Our Process 

We start by understanding your business, its culture, any budgetary constraints and your future requirements to ensure your design will compliment and work along side with your strategy. We will listen to your ideas and requirements and work closely with you to establish an office interior that offers a bespoke solution tailored to your specific business needs.

We aim to consistantly deliver value for money. With knowledge of products, office furniture, lighting, flooring materials and finishes - we will maximise your budget to its full potential.


Breakout Area Design

The demand for office breakout areas is rapidly growing, as the pace of business continues to increase. We are finding that more and more companies are recognising the need for an informal breakout area to encourage relaxation and team building.

If you are going to get the best from your staff then providing an area where they can take a break is important. To relax and take proper time out away from their desks. This area can also act as an informal space for meetings, discussions and brainstorming.

When designing this area we focus on certain factors, to create a positive and playful impact, such as colour, lighting and interesting furniture. We feel it is important to break the monotony of the workspace and create a fun and healthy atmosphere where employees will feel relaxed and ultimately refreshed and re-energised.


Comfortable Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are multi-functional spaces that need to be easily adaptable to different requirements and situations. We can choose and design furniture that is sufficiently flexible to reflect the rooms ever-changing nature and can help create a design that is versatile and durable while remaining individual to you.


Office Reception Design

Most visitors will form an opinion about your business and how it is doing by looking at the reception area. A reception area is usually the first and sometimes only part of your office that visitors see therefore it is vital it creates the right impression. 

We give this area careful consideration to exact the right impact. It is imperative that it reflects the company's image accurately while setting the tone for the rest of the office. We have the flair, imagination and product knowledge to make sure your reception says all the right things about your business. We take into consideration various design elements such as colour, materials, layout and branding to make a statement about the values of your company and enhance the overall customer experience. We always look to incorporate bespoke features to create focal points and impact.

At JRI we take the time to thoroughly plan each detail of this important space. From simple makeovers with layout changes to total reception area refurbishments. We will help you determine the overall look and feel, select the appropriate colour scheme, furniture, lighting and above all design the centre masterpiece that is the reception desk.


What we offer our clients

  • A free, no obligation initial consultation for you to get to know us and for us to show you the ways in which we can be of service to you
  • Access to our showroom of 1000s of fabric and wallpapers samples from every major design house in Europe and afar. No more guessing with thumbnails online when you can feel, touch and experience in reality
  • Complete project management from the ordering of samples to the arranging of professional, trustworthy decorators and trades people to carry out your work
  • Transparent, affordable, flexible pricing that wont catch you out or cost you the earth. 
  • A complete design service from mood boards to scale plans
  • Curtain Makeup service to take your chosen fabric and transform it in to beautiful curtains, tailor made to your windows and professionally fitted
  • Perfect custom made blinds in a variety of fabrics and styles tailored to your exact needs

Designer collections

We have one of the largest collections of designer fabrics, wallpapers and coverings, carpets and stylish furniture in Northern Ireland; we deal with major design houses and carry some very beautiful and unusual fabrics and designs seldom seen outside London. Whether you're based in Belfast, in Northern or Southern Ireland or even internationally we can order and dispatch products to you by courier.   


What our clients say

John and Rachael were super to work with from concept to final product. Their keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. I would not hesitate in recommending John and Rachael as extremely reliable, talented designers.
— M. Deverell
We have been very pleased with the work John and Rachael did for us in the complete refurbishment of our home. They pocess the rare ability to have great artistic inspirations and then guide them into reality. They are direct, honest, diplomatic and a plesure to deal with. We highly recommend them to anyone wishing to have access to the highest level of interior design’’
— I. Jameson